Sideshields / Side Shields - Universal Sideshields by Safety Optical Service
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Sideshields / Side Shields by Safety Optical Service

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    B-27+ Sun-Mate®
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Distributor Information for Safety Optical Service Sideshields / Side Shields


Aye-Mate® Distributors generally join Safety Optical Service following referrals from consumers that demand the best in personal protection equipment.

  • Aye-Mate® Distributors are progressive, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable in all types of PPE applications.
  • Aye-Mate® Distributors increase $ales, provide a valuable $ervice to current customers, and gain a proven product for opening the doors to new business opportunities.

Aye-Mate® is a total concept which provides exclusive features for everyone from distribution to the end user.

  • Superior protection, ease of use, and comfort for the wearer.
  • Economies in stocking and dispensing only one style of sideshield by both the consumer and the distributor.
  • Packaging that is compact, keeps the product clean in adverse environments, and is readily accessible for dispensing by anyone.
  • Packaging that conserves space, establishes minimum orders, reduces shipping errors, simplifies inventory control and minimizes shipping costs.
  • Technical support from the manufacturer with 41 years of experience in design, production, and dispensing of corrective-protective eyewear in the workplace.
  • A product that is available only through select distributors that meet our high standards.

Current online Safety Optical Service distributors:

Wylaco Supply Company
Denver, CO 80223
Phone: 800-876-2325

Midwest Industrial Supplies & Services
Belleville, IL
Phone: (618) 277-3511
Fax: (618) 277-7522

TEK Optical Canada
Toll Free: (888) 565-5854
Phone: (519) 652-8800
Fax: (519) 652-5008

Komal Optics and Contact Lens Clinic
70 / 6 , Jawahar Nagar
Goregaon (West)
Mumbai - 400062
Phone: 0091-22-8725796 \ 8761339
Fax: 091-22-8739093 \ 8720091

3901 N. Marquette St. #2G
Davenport, IA 52806
Phone: (888) 289-8972
Fax: (888) 723-8972

Gallaway Safety and Supply
207 Carlton Dr.
Eighty Four, Pa 15330
Phone: (724) 239-3999
Fax: (724) 239-4999
Direct Product Link:

W.A. Vorpahl, Inc.
526 Lambeau Street
Green Bay, WI 54303
Phone: (800) 242-7200

Safety Max
907 W. Roosevelt Ave.
Albany, GA 31701

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Patent No.5,748,278,6,393,609 B1 and others

Sideshields / side shield safety glasses from Safety Optical Service were placed in service in 1963. Equipment accessory sideguards for eye protectors effectively shield the eye from injuries. SOS models are Z87 and B-52®.

Safety Optical Service is proud to be affiliated with the following:

Prevent Blindness America
Voluntary Protection Programs Participantsĺ Association