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Sideshields / Side Shields by Safety Optical Service

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Product Liability



SAFETY FRAME components such as temples and fronts are manufactured in many parts of the world and then shipped to the United States for finishing and final assembly. The completed frame model is then tested to determine if it meets the impact requirements of the applicable standard. Upon successful completion of the testing, the final processor is permitted to apply monograms of their name and the Z87 logo.

PRESCRIPTION SAFETY LENSES are generally processed by independent optical laboratories. They are responsible for the testing to the applicable requirements of each individual lens produced, glass-CR39 hard resin plastic or polycarbonate. Their monogram must then be placed upon that lens signifying compliance and to serve as method of traceability back to the processor.

Sideshields may be obtained from manufacturers specializing in unique products, which are universal in nature and will fit a broad range of frames sold by numerous safety frame suppliers. High velocity impact testing must be performed on every sideshield model to prove it capable of withstanding the impact of a .250 inch steel ball propelled at 150 feet per second.


Reputable Personal Protective Equipment providers carry product liability insurance. Primarily, to utilize the legal assistance provided by the insurance company.


In the event that component fails, a determination must be made as to whether the occurrence, which caused the failure, was within the reasonable protective limits prescribed for that component.

Should the failure of the component occur within reasonable protective limits and the device had been properly maintained the manufacturer of the failed component would then become solely liable for losses incurred.

Patent No.5,748,278,6,393,609 B1 and others

Sideshields / side shield safety glasses from Safety Optical Service were placed in service in 1963. Equipment accessory sideguards for eye protectors effectively shield the eye from injuries. SOS models are Z87 and B-52®.

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Prevent Blindness America
Voluntary Protection Programs Participantsĺ Association