In order to purchase our product(s) you must first locate a distributor in your area by filling out our “Locate a Distributor” form, calling us at (866-919-2020 toll free), (903-429-0000) or emailing us at

Your privacy is important. We do not maintain mailing lists and do not divulge any personal information submitted. You are given the option to specify the manner in which we reply to your request. On occasion it is necessary to have phone contact with you to clarify your request so as to ascertain that we will be providing an accurate and timely response to your inquiry.

We are well equipped to provide technical support to our distributors and to the ultimate consumer of the Aye-Mate® and Wing-Mate™ universal sideshields. If we do not have an immediate answer to your question, it allows us to research the issue posed and broaden our side-shield information base.