B-53+ Sun-Mate®


The Sun-Mate® tint is exclusively for Glare Protection from the Sun and attenuates harmful UV Rays up to 380 nanometers.
The B-53+™ Plus Universal Sideshield is designed to meet all of the compliance issues of ANSI Z87.1-2010 on small to medium safety frame styles. The Sun-Mate Tint reduces objectionable distractions from glare, increasing visual comfort and productivity. It is easily adjustable for universal attachment to the broad spectrum of safety frames found in the real world workplace.  Available in the SM-5327 Compliance Safepack® Plus!

The SAFETYWING®: provides additional vertical and horizontal coverage and prevents impact related injuries by dispersing the kinetic energy   over the entire wing surface, protecting the orbiting facial area from lacerations and fractures.

The patented LIVING HINGES allow simple adjustment of either the upper or lower quadrants of the shield so as to easily adapt to any frame shape.

GE Lexan® Polycarbonate resin provides superior impact resistance, visual   clarity and UV protection.

Unbiased testing – certification by a major independent laboratory to confirm compliance to the ANSI Z.87.1-2010 standard. Independent Certification assures the HSE professional of OSHA acceptance for use in the workplace.

For information on our Full Line of OSHA Compliant Universal Side Wear® Shields email contactus@sideshield.com or call Toll Free: (866) 919-2020.

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The New SM-5327 is the tinted version of the CP5226 Compliance Safepack® Plus. Consisting of ten (10) of the patented B-53+ Sun-Mate® & ten (10) of the patented B-27+ Sun-Mate® sideshields, the SM-5327 Compliance Safepack® Plus is ideally suited to ensure proper selection of the proper sideshield/frame combination. The inclusion of both sideshields in the same package also offers the best solution to a multitude of issues created by hundreds of proprietary temple mounted sideshields and the need to be OSHA compliant. One CP-5226 Compliance Safepack® Plus easily conquers the challenges posed by OSHA, ANSI, and all of the different frame shapes and sizes from a single dispensing pack. The TINT for the B-53+ Sun-Mate® and B-27+ Sun-Mate® Universal sideshields is intended exclusively for GLARE PROTECTION ONLY and is not to be used for IR protection (infrared radiation) which is commonly produced during welding applications.

Packaging label for the SM5327 Compliance Safepack® Plus