Universal Sideshields

The SAFEMATE® B-22 MHS® joins the B-52+ Aye Mate® and B-26+ Wing Mate® in the SOS line of sideshields. Our complete line of Universal SIDEWEAR® incorporates the patented SAFETYWING® which adds new dimensions for total lateral protection, top-side-bottom. All SOS SideWear® is independent 3rd party tested to ANSI Z87.1. The SAFEMATE® shares many of the

Exclusive Features

Impact Resistance The Aye-Mate®, Wing-Mate™ and Sun-Mate® universal sideshields are molded from high impact GE Lexan® polycarbonate. Tested by a leading independent testing laboratory on a variety of metal and plastic safety prescription frames from leading safety frame manufacturers. Proven to withstand the impact of a .250 inch steel ball fired at 150 feet per

Product Installation B-26/B-52

Universal Sidewear™ ANSI Z87.1-2010 Compliant 1. Which Sidewear™ is Right For You? The following measurements are given as selection guidelines: 1.182″ to 1.70″ (30mm to 43mm) Best fit for: Small Frames Medium Frames Large Frames   The following measurements are given as selection guidelines: 1.25″ to 2.125″ (32mm to 54mm) Best fit for: Small Frames

Product Compliance

Protective-corrective spectacles include three major components consisting of the frame, lenses and sideshields. A different manufacturer generally produces each component of the device. Individual components may be designed to perform different protective functions and may require various types and degrees of testing. CORRECTIVE-PROTECTIVE LENSES Glass lenses shall be capable of resisting the impact of a