Exclusive Features

Impact Resistance

The Aye-Mate®, Wing-Mate™ and Sun-Mate® universal sideshields are molded from high impact GE Lexan® polycarbonate.

  • Tested by a leading independent testing laboratory on a variety of metal and plastic safety prescription frames from leading safety frame manufacturers.
  • Proven to withstand the impact of a .250 inch steel ball fired at 150 feet per second at each of the ANSI prescribed impact locations without failure.
  • Designed to provide lateral side covergage as defined by ANSI Z87.1-2010
  • No failure of the Aye-Mate® or Wing-Mate™ universal side shield protector nor damage to the frames occurred during these rigorous test procedures.

Cost Reduction

Safety Professionals will benefit from standardization.

  • Unique patented design provides instant recognition of a compliant protector.
  • Demonstrates to OSHA inspectors the importance placed on meeting OSHA Rules and requirements.
    Purchasing Managers can improve efficiency.
  • Standardize on the CP-5226 COMPLIANCE SAFEPACK®.
  • Reduce items to be purchased and maintained in inventory.
  • Reduce time and expense of placing multiple small unit orders.
  • Reduce data input and maintenance for purchasing control.
    Storekeepers will benefit from standardization.
  • Reduction of number of items to be issued.
  • Reduction of dedicated storage space.
  • Simplification of inventory control.
    Visitors and customers will be impressed.
  • Provides comfortable side protectors, which permit the guest to concentrate on the purpose of the visit and leaving with a useful momento of their visit.
    Employees are the ultimate benefactors.
  • Permits simple removal of sideshields so that their fashionable safety glasses can be worn outside the work place, saving the cost of multiple pairs of prescription glasses.
  • Allows rapid attachment of sideshield eye protectors prior to performing hazardous tasks at home or at play.
  • Provides superior coverage and impact protection that reduces the likely hood of receiving a serious eye injury, pain and loss of income. Comfort is assured. Total weight of the Aye-Mate® is only 7 grams, less than one-quarter ounce.

OSHA Compliant


Shortly after the passage of the OSH ACT, OSHA  sent a clear message that it would not be bound by any design standard in determining its acceptance of a protector in the work place. OSHA is performance oriented and if a PPE manufacturer can demonstrate that his product is equal or superior to that of a design standard, the product would be considered compliant in the workplace. Excerpts from the Federal Register provide insight to their decision processes.

1910.133 eye and face protection

OSHA notes that it would be improper for the Agency to reference consensus standards because such action would illegally sub delegate authority over the content of OSHA standards to the committees responsible for updating the ANSI standards. The Agency will accept eye and face protective devices as complying with this section if they are demonstrated to be as effective as those meeting the specific ANSI standard. Eye and face protective devices meeting a subsequent edition of the same ANSI standard would be acceptable to the Agency(and a de minimis violation of the standard) if it could be demonstated that they were as effective as those meeting the 1989 edition.

OSHA agrees that side protection need not be permanent and that detachable sideshields should be permitted as long as they meet the criteria specified in this section of the final rule. Permitting detachable side shields will provide employers the flexibility to use this kind of protection when necessary, based on conditions at the work place. Safety Optical Service chose an internationally known independent third party testing laboratory, Professional Service Industries, Inc. (PSI) to conduct testing of the B-52+® and B-26+™ universal sideshields on a variety of frames whose manufacturers stated were compliant to ANSI Z87.1-2003. High velocity testing on the side shields attached to the compliant frame test platforms produced no failures of the shields or frames. PSI subsequently issued a letter of certification of compliance on the B-52+® and B-26+™.

Copies of the Federal Regester and letter of certification are available upon request.

Superior Protection


  • Orbital design provides impact protection from above, to the sides and below the eye.
  • Facially contoured design reduces entry of small particles and minimizes the incidences of foreign body related eye injuries.
  • Orbital Ultra Violet protection is provided by our exclusive UVS formula that incorporates a barrier that effectively attenuates UV up to 380 nanometers.
  • The Wing-Mate™ Glacier Tint combined with UVS reduces objectionable glare in highly illuminated areas and increases efficiency and productivity.
  • The Sun-Mate® incorporates special dyes combined with UVS that reduce nuisance light such as that found in bright sun . It does not provide protection from high-energy sources such as welders or lasers and should not be worn in dimly lit areas.
  • Unique patented design permits attachment without the use of metal parts, which pose electrical hazards.
  • Designed and tested to withstand the impact of a .250-inch steel ball fired at 150 feet per second as prescribed in ANSI Z87.1-2003.
  • Meets the requirements of DOL/OSHA Rule 29 CFR 1910.133, Personal Protective Equipment for General Industry.

Patented Versatility

Be on the SAFE SIDE. Choose the COMPLIANCE PACK™ PLUS as your primary sideshield protectors for “new prescription frames”, replacements or general program enhancements by adding lateral impact protectors.

  • The COMPLIANCE PACK™ PLUS group of universal sideshields eliminates guesswork and 98% of the wasted time and effort required to identify and replace lost or broken OEM sideshields.
  • Patented mounting design permits simple attachment or removal of the sideshields in less than one minute.
  • Permits sideshield protector to be attached to expensive safety frames without bending or scratching the temples.
  • Allows fast and simple retrofit when upgrading your eye protection program to allow selective or gate to gate sideshield protector usage.
  • Provides an option to the employee of wearing sideshield eye protectors when away from the work place and while engaged in performing hazardous tasks.

Ease of Dispensing / Custom Packaging

Compact COMPLIANCE SAFEPACK® PLUS universal sideshield dispensing containers can be placed in strategic locations for rapid initial issue or for simplified replacement of OEM products. These sideshields will not interfere with the adjustment of important frame components nor prevent proper operation of expensive spring loaded temples, which are standard on many of today’s fashion safety frames, as do those supplied by the original equipment manufacturer.

  • Nurse’s office.
  • H. R. Office.
  • Security guard office wall.
  • Storeroom.
  • Receptionist desktop.
  • Construction supervisor’s glove compartment.
  • Construction site office.
  • Mobile dispensing opticians.
  • Vending Machines / PPE
    Each COMPLIANCE SAFEPACK® PLUS universal sideshield-dispensing unit contains 20 pair of sideshields and 20 care and mounting instructions to inform and assist first time users in the installation and maintenance of these unique sideshields.
    The clear PVC resealable container protects the sideshields from the elements and allows for quick and simple viewing of the contents for inventory purposes.