Universal Sideshields

logoThe SAFEMATE® B-22 MHS® joins the B-52+ Aye Mate® and B-26+ Wing Mate® in the SOS line of sideshields. Our complete line of Universal SIDEWEAR® incorporates the patented SAFETYWING® which adds new dimensions for total lateral protection, top-side-bottom. All SOS SideWear® is independent 3rd party tested to ANSI Z87.1.

The SAFEMATE® shares many of the features of goggles yet is comfortable when worn for an extended time. Its large surface area combined with pliable FDA approved polymers addresses work place hazards in a new perspective. Lateral eye hazard protection is now available for all levels of medical occupations; Physicians, Surgeons, Nurses, Care Givers and Temporary Agencies.

The pliable Medical Grade Polymers allow the SAFEMATE® to self adjust to virtually any frame and conform to facial features which may help mitigate entry of blood borne pathogens, bodily fluids, viral and other airborne particles into the body through the eyes.

The B-26+® PLUS Universal Sideshield is designed to meet all of the compliance issues of ANSI Z87.1-2010 on small to medium safety frame styles. The Glacier Clear Tint reduces objectionable distractions from glare, increasing visual comfort and productivity. It is easily adjustable for universal attachment to the broad spectrum of safety frames found in the real world workplace.

The new B-52+® PLUS adds the exclusive SAFETYWING® to its impressive   list of patented protected features. It is easily adjustable for universal attachment to the broad spectrum of safety frames found in the real world workplace, large-medium and small frame styles.

Many home pursuits and industrial exposures also lend themselves to use of side protection against light hazards such as dust, splash of minimally injurious chemicals and other eye irritants. Exposure to tasks involving nail guns and other endeavors which may generate sharp projectiles require elevated levels of protection. When in doubt, use the B-52+ Aye Mate® or B-26+ Wing Mate® High Impact Polycarbonate SideWear® and face shields.

While meeting the impact requirements of ANSI Z87.1-2010, Pliable polymers may limit protection from certain hazard exposures and subfreezing environments.