Eye Injuries / Statistical Information

OSHA has determined that full compliance will provide improved protection to 1.1 million work establishments with 11.7 million employees, preventing four deaths and saving 712,000 lost work days and 65,000 non-lost work injury cases per year. OSHA estimates the cost to employers from the average lost work time injury is at least $ 4000. OSHA

Hazards & Uses

High Velocity Impact Our Polycarbonate Sideshields provide lateral side coverage that are capable of resisting the impact of a ¼ (.250) inch steel ball fired at 150 feet per second and are rated high velocity impact resistant. The SAFETYWING®: provides additional vertical and horizontal coverage and mitigates impact related injuries by dispersing the kinetic energy

About ANSI

AMERICAN NATIONAL STANDARD An American National Standard implies a consensus of those substantially concerned with its scope and provision. An American National Standard is intended as a guide to aid the manufacturer, the consumer and the general public. The existence of an American National Standard does not in any respect preclude anyone, whether he has

About Safety Optical Service

Safety Optical Service was incorporated in 1963 and has been under the same ownership and management for 53 years. The S.O.S. objective then and now is development of practical corrective-protective eye protection programs for the work place specializing in innovative universal side shields. Our “in-plant” dispensing service has become the corner stone of all successful eye

Universal Sideshields

The SAFEMATE® B-22 MHS® joins the B-52+ Aye Mate® and B-26+ Wing Mate® in the SOS line of sideshields. Our complete line of Universal SIDEWEAR® incorporates the patented SAFETYWING® which adds new dimensions for total lateral protection, top-side-bottom. All SOS SideWear® is independent 3rd party tested to ANSI Z87.1. The SAFEMATE® shares many of the

Exclusive Features

Impact Resistance The Aye-Mate®, Wing-Mate™ and Sun-Mate® universal sideshields are molded from high impact GE Lexan® polycarbonate. Tested by a leading independent testing laboratory on a variety of metal and plastic safety prescription frames from leading safety frame manufacturers. Proven to withstand the impact of a .250 inch steel ball fired at 150 feet per