Product Installation B-22

SafeMate® Mounting is Simple. Hold right sideshield firmly in your left hand with the frame “C” channel of sideshield facing you. ➊ From inside shield, slide right temple paddle tip through the front flex opening of the shield (see fig.1). Then guide the paddle tip along the side channel and through rear locking tab. ➋

Product Installation B-26/B-52

Universal Sidewear™ ANSI Z87.1-2010 Compliant 1. Which Sidewear™ is Right For You? The following measurements are given as selection guidelines: 1.182″ to 1.70″ (30mm to 43mm) Best fit for: Small Frames Medium Frames Large Frames   The following measurements are given as selection guidelines: 1.25″ to 2.125″ (32mm to 54mm) Best fit for: Small Frames

Program Aids

UPGRADE YOUR EYE PROTECTION PROGRAM Many prestigious companies have policies, which mandate the wearing of protective eyewear on a gate to gate basis. Most of these employers recognize the importance of including lateral side protection combined with frontal protection to further reduce exposure to eye injurys. The Aye-Mate® and Wing-Mate™ Universal Sideshield provides an inexpensive method

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Product Compliance

Protective-corrective spectacles include three major components consisting of the frame, lenses and sideshields. A different manufacturer generally produces each component of the device. Individual components may be designed to perform different protective functions and may require various types and degrees of testing. CORRECTIVE-PROTECTIVE LENSES Glass lenses shall be capable of resisting the impact of a

B-22 Safemate®

The SAFEMATE® B-22+ MHS® SHIELD Compliments the Safety Optical B-52+® and B-26+® line of Universal Sideshields. The B-22 MHS® Multi-Hazard-Shield® utilizes pliable FDA Medical Grade Polymers that provide expanded coverage, protection and comfort for extended wear in the Medical, Personal and Industrial Hazard Environments. Narrow frames demand additional side and frontal coverage. The B-22+® Auto adjusts